A project for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, 2017

Students and Lecturer from Ansbach University and UT Sydney as well as inventor Ingo Bracke created six audiovisual boxed objects in relation to the topics of Luther’s catechism. Musically und visually they were referring to Luther-catechism-songs newly composed and arranged by J.S. Bach. The objects were corresponding to an exhibition of Bachhaus Eisenach called “Text Luter – Musik Bach”. Objects from the project were exhibited in the Berlin Cathedral (9.3. – 23.4.17) and in the Bachhaus Eisenach (28.4.17 – 28.2.18). In addition the exhibition was shown during the Ansbach Bach Week (27.7. – 6.8.17) at the Kunsthaus Reitbahn in Ansbach. The exhibition at Berlin Dome counted about 80.000 visitors.
Curators: Cornelius Pöpel, Mike Day, Chris Bowman (UT Sydney) and Ingo Bracke (studio kybra)
Soundtracks & exhibition technology: Cornelius Pöpel and a team of students from Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

The AV control microcomputer used in the installations is described by Kirschner & Pöpel (2017) (see publications).

A trailer for the Ansbach presentation by David Ferstl (Music: Marcus Holzmayr alias PerplexOn):

Exhibition at Berlin Dome. Photo: Bachhaus
Confession-Box by Michael Day. Photo: Bachhaus
Prayer-Box by Cornelius Pöpel. Photo: Bachhaus
Opening at Berlin Dome. Photo: Elias Neumann
Catechism-boxes at Kunsthaus Ansbach exhibition. Photo: David Ferstl
Opening of exhibition in Ansbach. Photo: David Ferstl
Visitor at Ansbach exhibition. Photo: David Ferstl