For music and media art projects I often develop application-specific software. Below are a few examples from the past. I am especially interested in string synthesizers. If you are interested in trying out some of my developments, you can download the software linked below. This software was developed till 2008 using Max 4.6. If you use it I am happy to get feedback (contact).


Head of development of control software and hardware for the installation objects in the project ExChange – BachLuther. Development was done together with Michael Kirschner and Robert Krämer and was described in a publication:
Michael Kirschner, Cornelius Pöpel, AV Kleinststeuereinheit für den Kontext interaktiver Klanginstallationen, In: Manuel Burghardt, Raphael Wimmer, Christian Wolff, Christa Womser-Hacker (Eds.), Mensch & Computer 2017 – Workshopband, p. 525 – 528, Gesellschaft für Informatik.


Development of a project-specific user interface for live performances with synthesizer viola and sound installations in the context of the Stadtwandeln Aschaffenburg project. Performances on 13.3.2016 in the parish church of Our Lady of Aschaffenburg.


Development of the actuators as well as the software for controlling the actuators for the installation un-stet-bau-werk together with Markus Buser and Florian Beck. Exhibition in the Retti-Palais Ansbach during the project Zeitenwende and in the ZKM Karlsruhe (next_generation 6.0).


Standalone MaxMPS 4.6 patches (for Mac), developed for an audio signal-driven synthesizer viola in the context of my dissertation.
The structure of the respective patches is explained in the PhD thesis text (see publications) in the chapters below. Explanations to the patches can be found in Appendix C in the Thesis Text. An update of the patches to Max8 for Mac/Win is planned. If you are interested in the source code, please contact me directly (contact).

Signal-driven simple FM synthesis   (section 6.2.3)
Signal-driven multiple carrier FM synthesis   (section 6.2.4)
Signal-driven multiple modulator FM synthesis    (section 6.2.5)
Signal-driven feedback FM synthesis   (section 6.2.6)
Signal-driven simple PM synthesis    (section 6.2.7)
Signal-driven multiple modulator PM synthesis   (section 6.2.7)
Signal-driven feedback PM synthesis   (section 6.2.7)
Granulation groove~   (section 6.2.9)
Granulation munger~   (section 6.2.9)
Granulation tapout~   (section 6.2.9)
CBVA   (section 6.6)