A project for the 200th birthday of Richard Wagner

Cooperative intercontinental project. Students of the University of Technology Sydney (visuals) developed together with students of the Anbsach University (sound and interaction) various audio-visual objects that are thematically related to Richard Wagner’s operas and present aspects of the operas from a student perspective. A report on the project:

Objects were exhibited at the Vivid Festival Sydney, Opening on 22.5.2013

The objects were also exhibited in the Bachhaus Eisenach (5.7. – 31.10.2013) and in the Arts Centre Melbourne (15.11. – 14.12.2013).
Curators: Mike Day (UT Sydney) and Ingo Bracke (studio kybra)

Artistic and technical direction Sound: Cornelius Pöpel with support by Michael Kirschner

Soundtracks, audio technology and interaction technology: Cornelius Pöpel and a team of students from Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

The installation “R(ae)umlich” of the Ansbach team is described by Kirschner et al. (2013) (see publications)

Some of the exhibited audiovisual objects

The Glowing
Sydney and Ansbach students who designed the object “The Glowing” together
Ansbach and Sydney students involved in the Sydney exhibition

Flyer of exhibition at Bachhaus Eisenach