In order to undertake research in perception of virtual reality beyond perceiving VR via a VR headset, a VR room was developed. An important point was the adequate 3D representation of sound. The room consists of a 14 channel 3D speaker system and a six screen video representation.

ILERo VR room diagram. Image by Andreas Uhl

Inventor and director of ILERo: Prof. Dr. Cornelius Pöpel
Research assistant: Robert Krämer
Student developer: Andreas Uhl
Student assistant: Davide Straninger

ILERo is a project of the Center for Sound and Interaction (KoSI) at Ansbach University. It was supported by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts and by the Ansbach company Die Muggergittermacher.

ILERo has been used in multiple studies up till 2020. A study on health and sound is documented on this website.

An academic delegation of Tongji University, Shanghai, China, visiting ILERo and experiencing recordings of Arizona desert. ILERo was at that time set up in the foyer of the main building of Ansbach University (June 2018). Photo: private
Guest students of Ansbach International Summer School experiencing recordings of Bird Island/ Altmühlsee, Germany in May 2018. Photo: private
Second development state of ILERo. Photo: private
First development stat of ILERo. Photo: Andreas Uhl
Skeleton of ILERo. Photo: Andreas Uhl

ILERo has been documented in more detail in this publication:

Cornelius Poepel, Andreas Uhl, Robert Kraemer, Immersive listening to environmental sound in VR for clinical and well being purposes. In: The Global Composition 2018. Conference on Sound, Ecology and Media Culture. Darmstadt, S.274 – 286.